About Us

What We Stand For

For EU citizens to maintain trust in the Union overall, it is important both its institutions, as well as public institutions of member states, are accountable at an EU level. This includes European-level, candid and fearless investigation of public bodies in member states.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, so the EU as a whole can learn important lessons to apply to other member states for the future. Secondly,  for relatively small member states within the European Union their business, financial, legal and political elites actually comprises only a relatively small number of people. 

It is both impractical, and undesirable, to let the vested interests of a member state's small financial-political elite investigate itself. 

NB: CAMEC does not comment, or take a position upon, Brexit or its process - there are so many others that do - which it regards as a forthcoming reality and a distraction from many other key issues about EU rights and  governance.

Our Network

EU citizens deserve to be protected from maladministration consistently across the Union, no matter in which member state they live.

CAMEC is a network of individuals with diverse backgrounds in corporate investigations and asset tracing; litigation management and political campaigns. 

CAMEC assembles bespoke 'go teams' for each of its think-tank projects; investigations; or public interest issues management campaigns.

Its network is particularly strong in Europe, including EU member and applicant states and their neighbours.

Issues We Support

CAMEC will endorse and support campaigns from all sectors and among these shall always seek to include a proportion on a ‘pro bono’ basis.

Some of the campaigns CAMEC supports, by their very nature, will be controversial; and we do not shrink from that. CAMEC believes in open and free markets; and it further believes that individuals engaged in proceedings in court or tribunals have the right to have their case heard ‘in the court of public opinion’.

There are some types of campaign that CAMEC will never undertake. We will always support the rights of women or minorities; whether on the grounds of disability, religion, sexual orientation (or the right to determine one’s own gender). It will not act for individuals, political parties or states whose stated policy is to suppress the human rights of any group. 

Ethics Statement

CAMEC supports the European Union as the best way for the countries of Continental Europe to live in peace and prosperity together; and it also supports the European Convention on Human Rights and the crucial role of the Court that adjudicates on those matters. 

We believe in the open transparency of the public realm and do not support those that would propagate ‘fake news’. CAMEC will not intentionally mislead or propagate information it knows factually to be false; nor will it encourage others to do so. 

In all of its statements and opinions, CAMEC will seek to justify its statements or opinions by reference to verifiable sources of information in the public domain. 

CAMEC is not a front organisation for any sovereign state; any state-owned or state-controlled entity; and nor does it represent the captive views of any one organisation or corporation. CAMEC will offer a right of reply to any person or entity that can show it has propagated a falsehood.

CAMEC will be transparent as to its sources of funding in accordance with our policy. CAMEC obeys the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated and of those jurisdictions where it undertakes conferences, events; advertising or other activities. 

Stephen Lock, General Director

Stephen Lock is a Cambridge University law graduate, with post-graduate qualifications in finance, who trained as an investment banker, passing UK financial regulator licensing exams.

After over a decade based in London, he then spent 16 years living successively in Russia; Turkey; Indonesia & Brazil where he led on, or responded to, many crisis incidents or controversies; or other legal or regulatory disputes across these countries & their regions; as well as political &  public policy campaigns. While based in Russia, Stephen opened offices in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine; and has worked and travelled widely across the post-Soviet 'Eurasia' region, Eastern and Balkan Europe.  

Stephen wrote the global policy for, and initiated the ethics committee of, Europe's then largest PR group; before moving on and becoming Chair of the global ethics committee (among other roles) of the world's largest PR firm. In UK political matters, he was the inaugural political director for the Retirement Income Reform Campaign; co-wrote its flagship parliamentary Bill; appeared as a witness to a parliamentary committee and was praised in Parliament for his work. 

Stephen is also founder-director of the Center for Justice in International Investment in China (‘CJIIC’); campaigning for the rule of law: for foreign investors doing business in China, and for Chinese interests in third countries. 

See Stephen Lock's full bio-data at LinkedIn

Our Funding

CAMEC is a private sector think-tank; public diplomacy and public campaigning organisation. We are not a charity nor a non-profit organisation. We are editorially and operationally independent.

We seek and accept funding from commercial third parties or other non-governmental organisations or foundations – particularly to support our campaigns on social media – and voluntarily undertake to disclose any single source of funding in excess of Euros 25,000 in aggregate in any single financial year.  

If we are acting *exclusively* for any third party, ceding our editorial control over any individual campaign to that third party, or acting as that third party's 'mouthpiece', by way of being spokesperson, we will disclose that source of funding.

Should any sources of funding come from a sovereign state; any state-owned or state-controlled entity; or any political party in a general election, we will always declare this.

All funded received by CAMEC will be accounted for in the EU country in which CAMEC is registered; while all funding will also be subject to taxation in that country.