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The Campaign Against Maladministration & European Corruption

What is Maladministration & How Does it Link to Corruption?

CAMEC investigates injustices in EU member and applicant states, either because laws or regulations have not fairly been followed; or where they have been unfairly applied. Sometimes this injustice comes from 'maladministration' - the right rules wrongly applied - but sometimes it comes from corruption. 

We investigate two types of corruption: bribery and graft (graft being the skimming off of EU, state or municipal funds). In the case of applicant states to the EU, we also look at political or corrupt misuse of domestic or international criminal justice systems, including INTERPOL. See our campaigns here

Protecting the Rule of Law in Europe

EU citizens should be able to count on fundamental rights within the Rule of Law, regardless in which EU state they live. These rights, however, can be vulnerable to the powerful influence of vested interests (or even corruption). Governments can also wrongly prioritise business interests over citizens' proper rights.

It can be hard for individuals, or groups of citizens, to defend their rights against financial, business and political elites. This applies to applicant EU states, where CAMEC seeks to ensure future EU states are only admitted if they operate subject to the impartial Rule of Law. See more here

Who We Are

CAMEC focuses on public interest issues including environmental; human rights; Rule of Law and accountability in public finances. Our campaigns aim to collaborate with media, civil society groups & EU bodies to seek effective, legal remedies.  CAMEC is a private sector think-tank; public diplomacy and public campaigning organisation. 

CAMEC is led by veteran corporate ethics and international public policy adviser, Stephen Lock, who formerly chaired the global ethics committee of the world's largest PR group and also leads the Center for Justice in International Investment in China ('CJIIC'): rule of law issues regarding investment in China or Chinese business overseas. More here

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